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• Built to Last Your Pet's Lifetime. All natural earth friendly dog house precision handcrafted of Western red cedar wood from sustainable forestry.
• Pets Love 'em, Fleas Don't!
• Manufacturer Direct Savings.
• Quality Workmanship Guaranteed.
• Fully Built Panels for Easy Assembly.
• Lifetime Customer Support.

America's largest wood dog house manufacturer in the United States, still privately owned & operated since 1990, and still quality handmade one step at a time. Each authentic cedar dog house and cat house is personally hand signed by our craftsman and provided with complimentary FREE shipping and factory direct prices.

Specializing in superior quality handcrafted large dog houses and cats houses which feature all authentic, untreated (except for underside base of eco-friendly wood to withstand decades of direct ground contact) premium Western red cedar wood fully-assembled panels to protect your pet from the outdoor elements year round, staying naturally cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Genuine Western red cedar wood also naturally deters fleas, ticks, termites and resists decay. Every pet house we carry has been engineered, designed and field tested! Doesn't your best friend deserve the best wood dog house?

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Afghan - Airedale - Akita - Alaskan Malamute - American Bulldog - American Water Spaniel - Australian Cattle Dog - Australian Shepherd - Basset Hound - Bernese Mountain Dog - Black and Tan Coon Hound - Bloodhound - Bluetick Coonhound - Border Collie - Boxer - Boykin Spaniel - Brittany - Bullmastiff - Bull Terrier / Standard - Chesapeake Bay Retriever - Chihuahua - Chow Chow - Cocker Spaniel - Collie - Dachshund - Dalmatian - Doberman Pinscher - English Cocker Spaniel - English Setter - English Springer Spaniel - Foxhound - Fox Terrier (toy) - German Shepherd - German Shorthaired Pointer - German Wirehaired Pointer - Giant Schnauzer - Golden Retriever - Great Dane - Great Pyrenees - Greyhound - Icelandic Sheepdog - Irish Setter - Irish Wolfhound - Keeshond - Labrador Retriever - Maltese - Mastiff - Miniature Pinscher - Newfoundland - Norwegian Elkhound - Old English Sheepdog - Papillon - Pekingese - Pointer - Pomeranian - Poodle (toy) - Portuguese Water Dog - Redbone Coonhound - Rottweiler - Saint Bernard - Shar Pei - Siberian Husky - Standard Schnauzer - Weimaraner - Welsh Corgi - Whippet - Yorkshire Terrier
NOTE: Goliath dog house fits any huge dog and multiple dogs.

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Benefits BEWARE.... All cedar is not created equal.

Chuck's signature of quality inspection.

Quality control is unsurpassed.

Chuck, our master craftsman and custom cat dog house designer performs the final inspection on all products before leaving the facility. Look for his personal "Chas" signature inside your cat dog house for verification and authenticity!  

> > > This outdoor pet house is NOT a kit! These pre-constructed dog houses require only minimal and simple assembly! Its seven fully-built, pre-drilled panelized sections screw together easily using our stainless steel hardware and "fearless" step-by-step illustrated instructions. < < <

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