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We sell genuine, solid Western red cedar wood dog house and cat house condo products. Our unique custom dog house designs are innovative and superior to others on the market. Each wooden dog house and cats house is quality handcrafted one step at a time to insure they last a pet's lifetime! Our products are high end luxury dog houses with ultra comfort options competetively priced with free shipping to the U.S. 48 states.

Western red cedar wood is naturally durable, weather, fungus and rot resistant, repels insects (such as fleas, ticks and termites) and virtually maintenance-free.

All of our products are backed by our "Guaranteed to Please" policy. That means, our personal Customer Care Service goes beyond the checkout! We not only stay in touch with the customer until their order arrives but we offer lifetime product support. We encourage customer feedback to improve our service, assist with product questions and provide helpful information.

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