Heated Cat Bed Indoor

Heated Cat Bed Indoor / Pressure Activated
This snuggle soft heated cat bed is specifically designed for indoor use only. It contains a dual thermostat tucked beneath the soft foam filled mattress. The surface of the bed stays warm at 12-15 degrees above room temperature to lure your pet (using only as much energy as a nightlight), and is pressure activated to warm up to 102 degrees (using energy comparable to a 50 - 80 watt light bulb), but only when your cat is actually on it. FREE shipping to U.S. 48 states.

(Size: 12.5" x 25") Sage & Cream color covering that's removable and washable.


BenefitsOur Western red cedar cat and dog pet houses naturally protect your pet year round, staying cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Plus it deters fleas, ticks and termites and resists decay.

BEWARE.... All cedar is not created equal.

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