Luxury Lounging Hideout For One or Multiple Cats

Insulated Cat Cottage 36 x 37 + Ledges + Escape Hatch (Multi-cats)
Insulated Cat Cottage 36 x 37 + Ledges + Escape Hatch (Multi-cats)
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Optional Porch/Deck (36 x 22):  Optional Seal Safe (SS) Door:  Prefer FREE 6 Inch ROUND Style Door(s) w/ Flaps instead of square (Not for use w/ SS Doors):  Optional 4-way Lockable Door:  Optional Raised Foundation (39 x 64 / Post Legs 12 in. High):  Optional Hard Heated Pad (For 1 or 2 cats (12.5 x 18.5):  Optional Hard Heated Pad (For 3 or more cats (16 x 22):  Optional Soft Heated Pad (For 1 or 2 cats (14 x 18):  Optional Soft Heated Pad (For 3 or more cats (19 x 24):  Optional Clean-out Side Access Door w/ Heater:  Optional Clean-out Side Access Door w/ no Heater:  Optional Cat Air Conditioner:  Optional Cat House Plaque/s:  1st Plaque Text: 2nd Plaque Text: 3rd Plaque Text:

Product Description

(Click any image on this page for larger view.) offers this beautifully designed, insulated cedar cat house for that special cat or multiple cats! Our insulated Super Cat Cottage is quality engineered and exclusively hand crafted in America for your cat's ultimate comfort as a safe hideout. Pictured above with optional left side Clean-out Door and 4-way Lockable Door in front.

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Earth friendly manufacturing process. Earth Friendly manufacturing reduces carbon pawprint.

[ Just a note to let you know my kitty crew is enjoying their new home. The kiddies claimed it as we were building it. With the weather turning cold its so wonderful to see them come out in the morning one by one… Keeping my mind at rest that they have a warm place of their own. Thank you for such a wonderful product..... The (6) Cats would like to Thank you as well - Nina B., Brooklyn, NY ]

Cat Cottage House
Porch & Deck
Cottage w/ AC
Raised Foundation


House Size:
36"W. x 37.5"D. x 40"H.
Door Openings: 8"W. x 8-5/8"H.

Air Conditioner


This cozy cat cottage comes already insulated! (Click any image for closer view.) Features your choice of square or 6" round doors on centered lower level front door entry & upper level side square door escape exit. Both styles include w/.080 clear vinyl flaps. The upper level has two real stationary glass front pane viewing windows along with 9" interior lounging ledges that wrap around two walls plus the quick exit side escape door which is 16" from the ground. Plenty of options available to customize the Cat Cottage to fit your own cat's needs.

We offer optional remote control air conditioner, heated cat beds, larger multiple heated cat beds, porch and deck systems, raised foundation with 12" tall support legs and premium magnetic SealSafe® doors.

This insulated cat house is built sturdy to last a cat nine lives. Constructed from real 2 x 2 wood framing with diagonal wind bracing, only stainless steel nails and ACQ powder coated screws. Whereas there is no chance of rust or black runs on the clear western red cedar siding. This cat cottage is not a cheap oriental copycat (pun intended) but a real quality home. Free Freight Shipping!

(Average setup time: 20-30 minutes. Very easy assembly using our simple step-by-step instructions, illustrations and tips!)


AVAILABLE OPTIONS (Click thumbnail images to view larger.):

LEFT SIDE CLEAN-OUT Access Door w/ Latch

How convenient is this? You'll love the ease and accessibility to your cats and cleaning out of the accumulated interior debris! (Door is 3/5" thick tongue-n-groove cedar.)


LOCKABLE CAT DOOR 4-Way locking door system.

Allows you 4 choices: unlocked, locked, in-only and out-only. Weatherproof Cat Door Flap is fully brushed sealed and has a magnetic closure to prevent unwanted drafts, wind and rain from entering the house. Your cat can enjoy peering through the transparent flap which is made of tough polymer. The super strong lightweight flap operates silently so as not to startle your pet and is simple for cats to push open.



Automatic temperature controlled Cat/ Dog House Heater with safety shield. (Sorry, Heater can only be purchased along with the "Clean-out Side Access Door" to allow manual access to the heater controls.)


HEATED CAT BED/PAD (Hard or Soft Style)

A heated cat bed provides your pet with warmth and comfort during cold winter weather. It's safe, reliable and energy efficient. Dependent upon the bed size selected, the electricity consumption is the same as one light bulb (from 15 to 80 watts). The internal thermostat keeps the bed temperature at a cozy 102 degrees when activated.

We suggest that the heated cat bed(s) be no more than half the floor size of the cat house so the cat(s) can get off and on as desired.

Additionally, whenever you purchase a heated cat bed with any cats house, the house will be prepped for the electric cord and include a bug and moisture resistant hole plug FREE.

The SOFT heated cat bed is a soft orthopedic pad that provides the same comfortable warmth as the harder cat bed. It has a 5 ½ foot steel wrapped cord and fleece cover. This soft bed is recommended for older cats with orthopedic issues since it only radiates heat while your cat is lying down on it.

The HARD heated cat bed is constructed of rugged ABS Plastic with a 5 ½ foot steel wrapped cord and a removable washable fleece cover.



The porch and deck package includes a porch deck floor, porch roof, porch posts and mounting hardware. It provides an outdoor lounging area with a shaded doorway, deck for cat naps and dining, cover from rain, snow and sun exposure.



The raised foundation is constructed of full sized frame members (1 ½ “ thick x 2 ½” wide). The 12” foot posts and framing are eco-friendly lifetime pressure treated lumber for ground contact. The decking is rich grain Western red cedar. You'll notice the raised foundation is elevated 12" to allow cats a higher view and safer habitat from predators while also deterring ticks and fleas. It can accommodate the Cat Cottage house with a Porch Deck system if desired.



We are the only manufacturer that engineers and designs the house to the air conditioning unit with minimal work for the customer. Our unit has a stronger warranty than any unit presently available for pet houses. Unlike competing A/C units, our unit shuts off completely when it reaches the optimum temperature. There are no unsightly hoses on the outside that can get damaged or bent and you don’t have to drill any holes in the house. We do all the prep work for you. To install, just slide the CatAire™ unit on the runway, insert two screws to secure, stuff three strips of foam, and plug it in. There are no knobs that the cat can play with. You simply point the remote control through the left lookout window and set the temperature.

* 5200 BTU
* Energy Saver Mode
* Energy Star Rated
* Infrared Remote Control
* On / Off Timer
* Easy access to washable slide out filter
* Super easy installation
* Regular house receptacle power
* Dimension: 12.5" (H) x 18.5" (w) x 14.5" (D)
* Maximum Air Flow 155 CFM
* Warranty:
1 year parts and labor
5 years on compressor
* Noise Level 38 db
* EER 10.7
* Fan/Cool Speeds: 3
See More Info Here



This Cat Cottage has two doors - a lower level front door and an upper level side escape door. Both doors come standard with a .080 clear vinyl door flaps installed. However due to the possibility of multiple cat occupancy, the (American made) Seal-Safe Door option is an energy saving accessory if purchasing the A/C. Cats are finicky we know and like going in and out so each time the door opens, cool or warm air escapes. The Seal-Safe Door is magnetized to seal better and shut quicker which in turn saves you money! When you order the Seal-Safe Door(s) for your Cat Cottage, they come installed FREE of charge. (See 3rd image up from bottom right.)



Professionally custom carved solid Western Red cedar wood name plate. Smooth hand sanded surface with deeply engraved, black painted letters for lasting beauty.



BenefitsOur Western red cedar cat and dog pet houses naturally protect your pet year round, staying cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Plus it deters fleas, ticks and termites and resists decay.

BEWARE.... All cedar is not created equal.

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