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How Do I Clean My Dog House and Cats House?
How Do I Clean My Dog House and Cats House?
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Your cat and dog house interiors can be easily cleaned of leaves, fur, hair and other debris by sweeping and/or vacuuming.

RECENT UPDATE: Our recently added OPTIONAL Clean-out side access doors for our dog houses and cat houses are now available! Easy and convenient latch access to dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and for quickly cleaning out accumulated debris.

>>> HOWEVER, if you already have one of our pet houses (i.e. Cat Triplex) without this cleanout door or want to have undisturbed puppy observation, please see our easy instructions for access below.

1.) Our large dog house door openings {Extra Large sizes & up} can accommodate entering/exiting the dog house interior by an average size person.

2.) An alternative access method is provided through the cat and dog house "roofs", which can be removed by simply lifting off for regular cleaning and frequent observation. {See roof access method below.}

Our pet house roofs are strong and intentionally "weighted" in design to provide accessibility without repeatedly unscrewing.

Here is the method to gain access through our cedar wood pet house ROOF:

Neither side, or only one side may be screwed down permanently in place while the other side {with the ridge cap attached} will rest snugly on top of its own framework. Thereby it can be conveniently lifted off/on at will anytime without a tool.

No floppy loosened hinges and stripped out screw holes this way! This method works well for daily usage, more frequent cleanings and birthing observation. [Disclaimer: This method not recommended during extremely high winds, hurricane and tornado season.]

BenefitsOur Western red cedar cat and dog pet houses naturally protect your pet year round, staying cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Plus it deters fleas, ticks and termites and resists decay.

BEWARE.... All cedar is not created equal.

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