Air Conditioned Dog House Option

Dog House Air Conditioning

Our exclusive remote controlled DogAire™ / CatAire™ dog house air conditioner* can be set up by the customer in less than two minutes. It does not need hoses, clamps or bored holes. Your optional air conditioned dog house comes complete with fully framed mounted opening plus prepping free of charge!!!

Air Conditioning will give you peace of mind knowing your pet is safer outdoors in hot weather while you are away.
>>> NEW Anti-Worry FEATURE: If the unit shuts off unexpectedly due to the power cut, it will "restart with the previous function setting automatically" when the power resumes. (Watch out for the danger signs of heat stroke in dogs! See Here.)

When purchasing our exclusive ice cold air conditioning system with one of our Large dog houses or Cat Cottage, we strongly recommend that you also order optional insulation which is concealed within all the walls, roof and beneath the floor for maximum cooling efficiency without air leaks. Also you may want to consider the Seal-Safe™ door, especially for multiple dogs. Our DogAire™ dog house air conditioning system will run more efficiently using the Seal-Safe™ door and save you money by conserving resources. However, all of our dog houses come with a FREE pre-installed clear vinyl hanging flap door that will work almost as well.

The large dog house pictured below shows the dog house air conditioner mounted in the rear. (NOTE: Seal Safe™ door dog door is optional only when you order our cedar dog house and cannot be retrofitted.)

* SORRY, due to the building of a custom dog house wall panel that perfectly fits and supports our special cat and dog A/C this pet house air conditioner cannot be sold separately. Available only with purchase of our Larger Dog Houses, Duplexes and Cat Cottage.

Dog Aire™ / CatAire™ FEATURES:

+ Ice Cold Air Instantly!!!

+ 5200 BTU's!
+ Energy saver mode!
+ Infrared "remote" control!
+ Very low noise level!
+ No knobs to fall off!
+ No hoses for dogs to chew!
+ No temperature guessing!
+ No continuous running blower!
+ Automatic on/off climate control!
+ Optional use of Programmable timer!
+ Resumes automatically to previous setting after power outage!
+ Collects contaminants and allergens in its washable slide-out filter!
+ Quick & easy two minute set up!

dog house air conditioner


>>> Energy Star Rated <<<
Cooling Capacity: 5200 BTU
Unit Weight: 43 pounds
Dimensions: 12.5"H. x 18.5"W. x 14.5"D.
Maximum Airflow: 155 CFM
Noise Level: 38 db
EER: 10.7
Fan/Cool Speed: 3
4.5 Amps cooling
115 Volt power, 15A outlet required.
Cord 5 feet long. (12 gauge extension cord acceptable up to 25 feet.)


BenefitsOur Western red cedar cat and dog pet houses naturally protect your pet year round, staying cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Plus it deters fleas, ticks and termites and resists decay.

BEWARE.... All cedar is not created equal.

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