Natural Flea & Tick Remedies

Natural Flea & Tick Remedies
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Plain ordinary salt will have fleas digging their own graves!

Yes you read that right. No toxins or poisons to inhale or linger. This is a cheap and economical, natural solution to ridding your home of flea infestation. It works by irritating their external body cavities causing open sores where the salt can enter, thus dehydrating and killing them.

1.) Purchase large amounts of table salt in accordance with how many carpets/floors you plan to treat. (Maybe 1 gallon per room?) You can buy in bulk at your local wholesale club. Make sure it is not rock salt, and it must be finely ground as in table salt or even better if powdery form for more even distribution. If weather is humid or air is moist, add an equal amount of baking soda (sodium bicarbonate*) since salt must be "dry" to be effective on fleas. *Note: Another benefit of adding baking soda is to help neutralize any old stale carpet smells and urine stain odors.

2.) Remove pets from designated treatment areas for 24-48 hours. You may need to treat one closed-off room at a time.

3.) With a shaker top container preferably, sprinkle contents on flea infested carpets and pet bedding (that won't be slept-in during treatment).

4.) Brush or sweep gently to distribute the salt mixture to get it deeper into fibers where fleas hide.

5.) After treatment time allowed, simply vacuum to remove the salt mixture with the dead fleas and larvae. Dispose vacuum contents outdoors.

Pets should be kept out of the treated area for duration until floor and bedding is vacuumed. (Salt can cause dry itchy skin on pets.)


BenefitsOur Western red cedar cat and dog pet houses naturally protect your pet year round, staying cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Plus it deters fleas, ticks and termites and resists decay.

BEWARE.... All cedar is not created equal.

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