Goliath Duplex Dog House

Goliath Duplex Dog House
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Insulation:  Porch/Deck (30d x 73w):  Raised Foundation (76 x 82):  Heated Hard Mat (22.5 x 28.5):  Heated Soft Mat (25 x 36):  Two Side-by-Side Stationary Glass Windows:  Clean-out/Whelping Side Access Door/s:  Seal Safe Doors:  Dog House Heater/s:  Dog House Air Conditioning:  Dog House Plaque/s:  1st Plaque Text: 2nd Plaque Text: 3rd Plaque Text: 4th Plaque Text:

Product Description

Goliath Duplex Dog House
Goliath Cedar Duplex Dog House w/ free shipping.

GOLIATH DUPLEX DOG SIZING TIP: Measure off an area on your floor or ground 72" x 48", the same size as this Goliath duplex dog house. Then lay your dog(s) in that space to see how they fit.

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Dog House Specifications:
  Dog House Size: 60"H,
  Floor: 72"x 48"  (24 sq. ft. floor space w/o divider)
  Each Compartment Floor Space:  36"W x 48"D
  Each Door Opening:  18-1/8"W x 26-1/8"H (Elevated 6" off the floor.).
- Marine grade UV resistant clear vinyl door flaps installed.
- Slide out center divider wall
- Seven pre-drilled, fully built panels plus ridge cap.
(Average setup time: 20-30 minutes. Very easy assembly using our included simple step-by-step instructions, illustrations and tips!)

This is our huge outdoor dog house duplex which fits BIG & TALL Dogs! This Goliath size is has two elevated doors (nearly 6 inches off the floor) and 5 foot high peak to accommodate two huge dogs or multiple dogs of various heights. You and your pets will truly enjoy this large attractive dog house. Not only is it built to last the lifetime of your dogs but it will outlast all other wood dog houses on the market. It is expertly handcrafted from solid all natural Western red cedar the only outdoor wood that provides complete protection for your dogs. Each luxury dog house has been personally designed, precision built, inspected and hand signed by our Master craftsman, who is committed to quality, integrity and the safety of your pets for over twenty years. We guarantee you will be impressed with the detailed workmanship and functionality of this masterful doghouse. Additional custom dog house comfort options of your choice. • Handcrafted in America. Quality workmanship guaranteed! FREE freight shipping to 48 states.

- Waterproof insulation of Low E reflective aluminum w/cellular air.
(Non toxic and will not crack or collapse with age.
Insulation is covered w/ mahogany panels to protect it from dog.)

- Western red cedar wood porch w/deck.

- Western red cedar wood raised foundation.

- Two side-by-side stationary glass windows without shutters .

- (Soft) heated dog bed w/ covered access port for cord in dog house.

- (Hard) heated dog bed w/ covered access port for cord in dog house. (Preferable for chewers.)

- Clean-out Whelping side access door/s. (3/5" thick tongue-n-groove cedar)

- Seal Safe™ exclusive patented door closure system.

- Automatic temperature controlled dog house heater with safety shield. (Heat circulates over divider wall.)
Due to the cubic footage of this larger dog house, it is highly recommended to utilize "two"
heaters in colder climates.

- Patented Dog Aire™ dog house air conditioning.

- Custom carved Western red cedar wood dog house plaque.

All natural earth friendly dog house precision handcrafted of Western red cedar wood from sustainable forestry.

Dog House Construction Features

Review manufacturing facts & details!
Earth friendly manufacturing process. Earth Friendly manufacturing reduces carbon pawprint.
Western red cedar lumber from sustainable forestry management.

craftsman signature of quality inspection. 
Look for the signature of authenticity in every dog house.


BenefitsOur Western red cedar cat and dog pet houses naturally protect your pet year round, staying cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Plus it deters fleas, ticks and termites and resists decay.

BEWARE.... All cedar is not created equal.

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