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Manufacturer Direct for over 25 years.

Our famous dog houses are Guaranteed to Please! In other words, our policy is to be committed to you before, during and after the buying and delivery process. Our dedicated and friendly staff will personally assist you with product questions and strive to accommodate your individual needs.

Our master craftsmen promise to stand behind their workmanship as it's been done for over 25 years with lifetime product support. If you ever experience a problem in the future with any cedar dog house or cat house you buy from us, we will personally go out of our way to help you out - even if it was your pet's fault!

We also provide helpful online information such as our dog house size guide and dog house buying tips. We encourage your comments, welcome your cedar dog house photo to become featured on our page and your personal review of our products to help us improve our service.

From an innovative idea up to the finished product, the masterful workmanship of our famous hand crafted dog houses truly outperforms the competition with consistently high quality. After all you can't become the largest manufacturer in America for over 25 years building the finest dog houses unless you're reputable, trustworthy and stand behind your product. Just see what our customers say here: Customer Comments

craftsman  signature of quality inspection. Our quality control is unsurpassed. Our master craftsman and cat dog house designer performs the final inspection on all products before leaving the facility. Look for his personal signature inside your cat dog house for verification and authenticity!  

If you find a manufacturing defect after arrival, all we ask is for you to report it to us via email or toll free at 413-459-0322 within five days of receipt for prompt restitution. Please see our ORDERING page for further information.

Are you shopping for a sturdy chemically untreated outdoor dog house you can depend on that won't fall apart or rot out within a couple of years?

Because you are a pet lover, we know you want to keep your best friend safe and protected outdoors year round from flea and tick infestation, extreme weather conditions and predators. Our small or big dog house is a good investment in your pet's well being!

Our all-weather "Signature" dog house design is a naturally insulated dog house since it is built of weather resistant, solid genuine Western red cedar wood construction, exclusively designed by our American master craftsman. Our climate controlled dog houses offer customized dog house cooling and heating options. Dog house insulation is an additional option which is embedded within the walls and "highly recommended" when purchasing our pre-assembled (contains seven "fully assembled" panels) wood dog house for most locations like the extremely hot dry weather in the southwestern U.S., i.e Texas, humidity in the south and for much colder climate zones in the north and northwestern U.S. and for sealing out drafts. We also sell dog house accessories such as outdoor dog beds. We offer automatic thermostatically controlled dog house heaters to provide an extra warm heated dog house in winter and our remote controlled dog house with air conditioning with on/off timer, which will turn our large wooden pet house into a luxury air conditioned dog house to keep your best friend really cool in blazing summer heat!

Our line of custom dog houses which are fully built cedar dog house kits, possess remarkably strong construction from full dimensional lumber and feature an offset door opening (except for his newly designed super Goliath size pictured below), roof ventilation, raised dog house floor built from tongue-n-groove cedar plus a no topple weighted lifetime base with a strong angle braced foundation. Included FREE and installed on all of our pet houses is our unique hanging insulated dog door made of marine grade quality, UV resistant, clear and "overlapping" vinyl to prevent door drafts. An optional premium Seal Safe® magnetic insulated dog house door is also offered for maximum comfort and environmental protection from inclement weather, noise, intrusions and biting insects. Wood Chuck dog house

Consider matching up our Western red cedar dog house with a Western red cedar wooden porch and deck which provides additional dog shelter from blazing sun, snow storms, wind and rain, pollen, soggy leaves and pine needles, as well as for comfort lounging. We even offer a solid cedar wood custom carved name plate for your pet house!

You'll appreciate our functional seven inch high, movable raised dog house foundation to elevate your small dog, cat or large dog house off the ground if desired. It will save you time, money and the frustration of preparing your own permanent platform or hiring a contractor.

It's easy to use our dog size guide for your small dog, large and extra large dog breeds, or you can quickly click on your dog size in the Blue Box on our front page to help you select the perfect custom dog house for your pet, or multiple pets which would fit into our craftsman's "first to market" trademarked duplex dog house. Just 3 easy steps to simply measure your dog for any one of our cedar dog houses from a small duplex to large dog houses for sale to extra large dog houses, a giant size, a super Xlarge godzilla dog house and our new huge goliath dog house with a center door, which creates opposite interior lounging areas on each side. Besides our wooden dog house duplex we also sell a cat house duplex.

Browse around our website and be sure to check out our seasonal dog house sale products to provide your pet with a warm dog house in Winter and a cool dog house in Summer.

We also feature a gable style solid Western red cedar outdoor cat house for one or multiple outside cats with insulation, porch deck, platform, loft, and a A-frame cat condo. Styles include: small, single outside cat house, townhouse, cat duplex, triplex and multiplex. We offer both a small insulated cats house with a round door opening and regular insulated cat dog house but with a smaller rectangular door opening for an average size domestic pet cat or feral cat. Cat accessories include an outdoor heated cat bed, an indoor heated cat bed and floor pet mat. Our newest addition of an outdoor cat shelter is called the "CATillac" which has the option of being a heated cat house with the installation of one of our reliable and safe pet heaters.

All of our solid Western red cedar luxury dog house and outdoor cat house products are superbly built and handcrafted with care throughout every step of the earth-friendly manufacturing process.

BenefitsOur Western red cedar cat and dog pet houses naturally protect your pet year round, staying cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Plus it deters fleas, ticks and termites and resists decay.

BEWARE.... All cedar is not created equal.

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