Insulated Dog House Option - Do I need it?

Insulated Dog House Option - Do I need it?
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Do I need an insulated dog house?

Western red cedar is considered to be the best natural wood insulator. This characteristic of wood alone provides a cooler house environment for your pet in summer and warmer in winter, hence our cedar wood dog houses and cat houses provide your pet with superior protection naturally year round. Our superior bubble insulation is: enclosed within wood paneling making it pet safe, adds additional weight for strength and stability, and helps eliminate wind drafts while still providing ventilation. 

However individual needs will vary. For example: climate, pet house placement, duration of time spent in cat/dog house and hair type. Therefore we let you decide if your pet needs additional dog house insulation.

  Will your pet be exposed to extremely hot and/or cold weather? 
→  Will your cat dog house be placed in an unsheltered area?
  Will your pet spend most of its time living outdoors? 
  Will you be using a dog air conditioner? 
  Will you be using a dog house heater? 
  Does your pet have short hair? 

If you answered YES to "any" of the questions above, we highly recommend getting your pet an insulated dog house. You can simply add our optional high tech inner wall insulation to your dog house order. (AC and Heater will also run more efficiently.) You'll feel better knowing your pet is comfortable and happy with added protection year round.

For extremely cold climate zones we not only recommend Winterizing your dog house with insulation but also adding a dog house heater, heated dog bed or heated cat bed
with your order to insure your pet's safety outdoors. Since the heated dog bed and cat bed doesn't cover the whole cat dog house floor, your pet can lay on it to get warmer and get off of it whenever they want. We also strongly recommend insulation for use with dog house air conditioning for more efficiency.

(NOTE: Video has no sound.)

Our quality dog house insulation is LOW E, Class A, Class I fire rated, double sided reflective aluminum sheeting with "tiny encapsulated air pockets" sandwiched within. Air is one of the best known thermal insulators.

Don't be mislead by some R-Value insulation claims. The R-Value is the resistance to conductive heat flow. In dog houses, conduction is only 3% to 7% of heat loss due to the small area. Therefore R-value becomes irrelevant since the biggest heat loss (during winter) and the largest heat gain (during summer) for dog houses is not a conductive factor but a radiation loss/gain through infrared radiation. Our Low E shallow reflective aluminum barrier is superior for controlling heat loss or gain.

If ordered, we apply this encapsulated air pockets insulation within the walls, floor and roof panels of your cat dog house, then we cover it up with a lightweight mahogany wood panel for maximum efficiency and protection. We would never consider using harmful fiberglass in pet quarters! (See photo cut-away of inner and outer pet house wooden wall panels with thin aluminum encapsulated air pocket insulation sheet in between.)

Our dog house insulation is non toxic, waterproof, insect proof, allergen-free and won't break down or fall apart over time.


BenefitsOur Western red cedar cat and dog pet houses naturally protect your pet year round, staying cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Plus it deters fleas, ticks and termites and resists decay.

BEWARE.... All cedar is not created equal.

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