CATillac Cats House w/ Insulation

Insulated CATillac Cat House w/ Window plus Heated Cat House OPTION (Multi-cats)
Insulated CATillac Cat House w/ Window plus Heated Cat House OPTION (Multi-cats)
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Optional CATillac Porch-Deck (12 x 40):  Optional CATillac Foundation (45 x 36):  Optional CATillac Platform:  Optional Heated Floor Mat (Hard) (12.5 x 18.5):  Optional Heated Floor Mat (Soft) (14 x 18):  Optional Clean-out Side Access Door:  Prefer FREE 6 Inch ROUND Door w/ Flaps Instead:  Optional Seal Safe Door:  Optional 4-way Lockable Front Door:  Optional Electric Pet House Heater:  Optional Cat House Plaque/s:  1st Plaque Text: 2nd Plaque Text: 3rd Plaque Text:

Product Description

Insulated CATillac Cat House w/ Window plus Heated Cat House OPTION (Multi-cats)
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Basic CATillac Specifications:
Overall Cat House Size:  40"w x 20"d x 30"h, Door Opening: 8"w x 8 5/8"h.

- Comes standard with a FREE marine grade, UV resistant .080 clear vinyl door flaps installed. You may choose FREE 6" round door instead of square.
- Waterproof insulation of Low E reflective aluminum w/cellular air.
(Non toxic and will not crack or collapse with age. Insulation is covered w/ mahogany panels to protect it.)
- Seven pre-drilled, fully built panels.
(Average setup time: 20-30 minutes. Very easy assembly using our simple step-by-step instructions, illustrations and tips!)

Insulated cat house with heated cat house option.Our premium outside cat house, appropriately named the "CATillac", is a multiple outdoor cat shelter and insulated cat house all-in-one, which provides ultimate year round weather protection. The Basic style features an interior cat lounging ledge 5.5" wide with plenty of loft space and romper room. It provides a large gazing area through its shutter adorned, stationary glass pane window (right side), which allows cats to do what they love best! The offset door (left side) comes with free pre-installed clear hanging door flaps to block out wind and rain. The cat house base is constructed from eco-friendly preserved lumber for continual ground contact to protect against termites, moisture and rot for decades.

Optional add-ons as pictured at right provide extra: outdoor cat shelter, shade, height, lounge areas, climbing posts, dryness and insect deterrence. Our premium round SealSafe™ magnetic cat door installation is also an added option, unsurpassed in tested performance over all other style pet house doors on the market. It provides your cat house with enclosed privacy, extra protection from weather and predators, and green energy efficiency when utilizing a heated cat bed or pet house heater for a heated cat house.

In the photo above, the Basic CATillac is first seated inside the Optional Platform for stability. Then it is set upon the Optional Raised Foundation further away from ground moisture. The Optional Platform consists of two decks, the front section 7.5" x 44" and the rear section 5.5" x 44", which provides shade throughout the day on one end or the other. The 3x3 eco-friendly treated legs elevate the Platform 12" off the ground and provide 10 sq. feet of shaded area underneath. A great spot for bowls and cats lounging in the sun or shade, whichever side the cats choose. In this CATillac combination unit (as pictured above), the Optional 45" x 36" Raised Foundation provides extra deck space of rich Western red cedar planking. It's constructed from full sized frame members (2" x 3") and 3x3 foot posts for ultimate stability. The frame members and posts are eco-friendly lifetime treated lumber for ground contact.

You and your furry friends will truly enjoy this attractive multiple cat condo. Not only is it built to last the lifetime of your cats but it will outlast all other wooden outdoor cat houses on the market. It is expertly handcrafted from solid all natural Western red cedar, the only outdoor wood that provides complete protection and climbing fun for your beloved pets. This CATillac outdoor cat shelter is an authentic original cedar cat house design, precision built, inspected and hand signed by our Master craftsman, who has been committed to quality, integrity and the safety of your pets for over 20 years. We guarantee you will be impressed with the detailed workmanship and functionality of this masterful outdoor cat pet house. Suggested for up to 5 outdoor cats dependent upon their size. Handcrafted in America. Quality workmanship guaranteed! FREE shipping to U.S. 48 states.


- Premium Western red cedar wood Porch Deck (click images above right).

- Premium Western red cedar wood Raised Foundation.

- Clean-out Access Door w/ Latch. (Door is 3/5" thick tongue-n-groove cedar.)

- View the SealSafe™ exclusive patented door closure system.

- 4-Way locking door system. allows you 4 choices: unlocked, locked, in-only and out-only. Weatherproof Cat Door Flap is fully brushed sealed and has a magnetic closure to prevent unwanted drafts, wind and rain from entering the house. Your cat can enjoy peering through the transparent flap which is made of tough polymer. The super strong lightweight flap operates silently so as not to startle your pet and is simple for cats to push open.

- Automatic temperature controlled cat dog house heater with safety shield.

- Small heated dog cat bed floor mat w/ covered access port hole drilled to run cord out of cats house. Safe, reliable and energy efficient as a 15 to 80 watt light bulb. Available in soft vinyl surface or hard ABS plastic surface. The hard version resists claws and chewing. Both come with a washable fleece cover. The first 18 inches of the power cord are steel wrapped for added protection.

- Custom carved Western red cedar wood cat house plaque.

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All natural earth friendly catdog house precision handcrafted of Western red cedar wood from sustainable forestry.

Cat House Construction Features

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Earth friendly manufacturing process. Earth Friendly manufacturing reduces carbon pawprint.
Western red cedar lumber from sustainable forestry management.

BEWARE.... All cedar is not created equal.


BenefitsOur Western red cedar cat and dog pet houses naturally protect your pet year round, staying cooler in summer and warmer in winter. Plus it deters fleas, ticks and termites and resists decay.

BEWARE.... All cedar is not created equal.

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